Manifest Your Magic


You’re ready to choose yourself and your dreams in 2024. This is the coaching experience that will help you decode your genetic blueprint to manifest your goals and more.

You’ve put your goals on hold trying to put everyone else first, but you’re now ready to choose yourself and your dreams.

Even if you’ve started and stopped before, this time around you’re determined to move forward and get things off the ground.

You’ve done the groundwork: You’ve read Get It Done and The Secret, Atomic Habits and Abraham Hicks. You’ve tried different productivity methods and did a manifestation course (or two).

You’ve accomplished major goals and manifested a number of pretty cool things so you know you can get things done and manifesting works.

And now you’re ready to go bigger.

You dream of living a deeply balanced and aligned life: Feeling healthy and having self-care, being fully present and enjoying time with your family, making money with a creative career while being free to spend your time the way you want and making a meaningful impact in your community.

You know you can do it and you want to get support so you can make progress faster than ever before.

It’s time to Manifest Your Magic so you can achieve your goals in a way that feels right and enjoyable for you.

Best part? You don’t need to pile on every manifesting method you watched on TikTok to make your dreams come true.


Secret Behind the Secret

Because after I dove in head first into writing wishlists, making vision boards and doing affirmations that helped me manifest my goals (some exactly as I expected), I hit a wall and it seemed everything just stopped working.

I fell down into the rabbit hole researching different goal setting and manifesting methods, hopping from one book, one course to another, searching for an invisible Holy Grail of Manifesting that I thought would give me the answers.

Until I had a breakthrough year in 2018 when in everything in my life was just amazing: My relationships were thriving. I was in my best body ever. I got savings in the bank. And my business was fully booked.

The years after, the lessons I learned during this breakthrough year carried me through and helped me bounce back from a third round of postpartum depression, a global pandemic and sudden grief.


No matter how SMART your goals are or how many manifestation gurus tell you, all you need to do is “Ask. Believe. Receive.” results are not guaranteed.

But once you learn how to do it your way, manifesting your goals becomes highly likely. And sometimes, even easy.

The key? It’s not just about what you’re doing. It’s also about creating energetic alignment through what you’re thinking, feeling and, ultimately, who you’re BEING.

And since you’re a one of a kind human, a cookie cutter goal setting or manifestation method won’t do.

The good news? You’ve got a genetic blueprint that tells you how you’re uniquely designed to use your energy to manifest your intentions and achieve your goals in a way that feels aligned and fulfilling for you.

And I’ve designed the Manifest Your Magic Experience to help you do just that.


Manifest Your Magic



A lot of the times, the goals you haven’t manifested yet are things you are vague about or aren’t 100% sure you want.

So the first step is to get clear on who you are, why you are here, what you’re meant to do and how you’re designed to use your energy to co-create your life.

To get clear on your intention…

  • We’ll use your Human Design as a self-awareness tool so you can connect to your soul purpose, get a clear direction in life and declare what you truly want.
  • You’ll learn how to harness your natural energy to open up to opportunities and  clearly define what success means for you.
  • You’ll learn how to stop overthinking and start feeling clear about the intentional goal you’re setting. You’ll feel confident about your decisions and trust yourself to always choose what feels right for you.


In front of every unmet goal is a mental, emotional or physical block that’s making you think, feel and see that your dream is not possible for you.

The next step is to work with your unconscious mind to uncover those blocks and neutralize them so you can make self-belief your default state.

To create alignment…

  • You’ll become aware of the background patterns that run in your life and the hidden tendencies that get in the way of your goals.
  • You’ll know exactly what emotional states bring you down, when you’re straying out of alignment and how you can use simple but effective tools to quickly clear your energy and get back on track.
  • You’ll know what to do when self-doubt comes up and how to teach your unconscious mind to support you so you can face the fears and start taking courageous action toward your goal.


When you think your goal is some far-off destination that you need to reach, you’ll always feel like you’re grasping so you fall off the wagon, lose motivation and stop taking action.

In this step, you’ll shift from “I’ll be happy when…” to “I can be happy now” by doing things that you enjoy and love.

To set yourself up for success…

  • You’ll learn how to tune in to your inner guidance so you know the steps you need to take daily and create a routine that works for you
  • You’ll work with your natural energy so you can consistently turn those routines into habits in a way that feels enjoyable and sustainable for you.
  • You’ll know when procrastination comes up and shift it so you can keep your momentum and take action toward your goals.


If you’re caught up in old stories about who you are (or who people know you as) and what is possible for you to have, your unconscious mind will always find a way to bring you back to a familiar and “safe” state.

This final step is where you basically cycle through steps 1 – 3 on repeat until you embody the identity of the YOU who has already manifested your intentional goal.

With your clear intention, energetic alignment and inspired action, manifesting your goals is not just a ritual you do during the New Moon or New Year. It becomes your way of life.

As you keep practicing the tools you learned through this experience, you go through your days feeling clear about your life’s direction, confident in yourself and your dreams and courageous as you keep taking inspired action and moving forward


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Manifest Your Magic


1 x 90 – MINUTE VISIONING SESSION where we dive into your Human Design blueprint for manifesting, get clear on your goals and map out the rest of your 12-week journey.


9 x 60 – MINUTE SESSIONS OF POTENT GUIDANCE (3x calls per month) to help you make progress on your goals each week + POWERFUL PRACTICES that help you shift blocks and create the change you need so you can keep taking action.


RECORDING OF YOUR SESSIONS uploaded in your private client page so you can review and reflect on the insights you received at your own pace.


WEEKLY VOICE MESSAGING SUPPORT IN BETWEEN SESSIONS (Monday – Friday) so you can ask questions and check in with your progress. 


A PDF COPY OF YOUR SESSION GUIDE, JOURNALING PROMPTS AND OTHER TOOLS you can use to implement the guidance from your session.


Manifest Your Magic


The investment for this 12-week experience is US$2000 for pay in full or three payments of $700 with the succeeding installments automatically paid after four weeks. When you’re ready, kindly fill up the application below.