Business Alchemy

The soulful + magical path to craft your niche, offer and messaging for your business so you can do what you love and make a difference

It’s time to use the blueprint your soul came with to create the business you were designed to do and enjoy the success that was always meant for you.

You’ve dreamt of doing this all your life: making money the way you want while changing the world as you coach one human at a time.

You feel really, really close to living the dream.

Except you’re telling yourself…

I don’t have a clear niche right now
I’m not really sure what I’m good at or what my offer is
I can’t show up on social media yet because I don’t know how to tell people about what I do or what results I can get for them.
I haven’t even decided on a business name yet.
That’s why I can’t get started on my website.
I must have the website done first.

You took personality tests, bought the business courses and got certifications on a quest to gain some clarity.

But as you sit down to brainstorm in your journal, a hundred and one ideas send you spiraling into overwhelm.

Not to mention, the items that keep popping up on your seemingly endless to do list.

You think, “Maybe I’ll scroll through IG just to get an idea for what everyone else is doing.

But with every glam shot and #clientlove post you see, you can’t help but think, “I’m so left behind. There’s no way I can stand out or even compete.

You’re feeling a little stuck and unsure of how to move forward.

And yet, in your visualizations, you see it so clearly:

You’re feeling so fulfilled doing the work you love to do. You’re helping people, changing lives. You’re free to spend your time doing things that matter to you.

So each day, you keep going because you’ve decided it’s time to go all in on your dream.

You know you don’t need to see the whole path to take the first step, but where do you even begin?

This can help.


Business Alchemy

AN 8-week coaching experience to help you design your business so you can do what you love and make a difference

BUSINESS ALCHEMY is a one-on-one coaching experience that combines soulful strategy + magical mindset work to help you design your online business so you can go from “I feel stuck, overwhelmed and unsure of how to start this business” to “I am creating a business where my success feels inevitable and effortless.”

Over 8 weeks, we’ll use your Human Design Chart as a blueprint so you can:

  • UNCOVER YOUR LIFE’S WORK and the gifts, traits, talents and genius that come naturally to you.

    This goes way deeper than your niche or your IG bio so you won’t agonize over needing to change your “I help…” statement ever again.

    When you identify this, you can show up with certainty and confidence knowing this is the business you were born to build.

  • KNOW THE PEOPLE WHO ARE MEANT TO WORK WITH YOU and who stand to gain the most benefit from what you can offer.

    No more ideal client avatars or guessing what your clients need because your chart tells you who you are designed to help and how.

    When you know this, you’ll understand what makes you magnetic to your soulmate clients and you can create offers that are truly in service of your purpose and your people.


    This isn’t your generic fill-in-the-blank content prompt. This is the genetic message that has been encoded in you so you can spread the word to support your purpose.

    When you get clear on this, you’ll have a core guiding message that will help you create content with ease and flow.

The best part? Throughout the journey, I’ll teach you powerful neuroscience-backed tools to shift any energetic and mental blocks that get in the way of your goals:

  • By the end of the first session, you’ll learn how to stop the overthinking.

    No more asking all your friends or crowdsourcing Facebook groups about your niche idea.

    You start feeling clear about the decisions you’re making and trusting yourself to always choose what feels right for you.

  • After two weeks, you’ll know what to do when self-doubt comes up.

    Even if that 7-figure coach’s sponsored post comes across your feed, you scroll on. (Goodbye imposter syndrome and comparisonitis!)

    No matter the current number of your followers or your bank account, you show up on your socials feeling more confident in yourself and the work that you were born to do.

  • By the end of the month, you’ll feel empowered to overcome procrastination.

    Losing three hours to “find inspiration” on IG or scrolling through TT for “research” will be a thing of the past.

    Even if fears still come up, you post that selfie, publish that Reel and make that offer because you now have the courage to take imperfect but intentional action toward your goals.

After you go through this experience, you’ll walk away with your very own Business Alchemy Blueprint that empowers you to have a solid self-concept and soulful strategy to create the business that’s aligned for you.

You’ll start embodying clarity, confidence and courage as you call in the people who are meant to be served by the work you do.

How it works



When working together is the best fit for both of us, I’ll message you to schedule a connection call so we can talk more about your goals and map out a plan for our work together.



Over 8 weeks, we’ll meet once a week to do both strategy and energy work as we design your business + shift any blocks that get in the way of your goals.



If you feel complete after our work together, you can continue implementing your business plan on your own. Or you have the option to sign up for ongoing support.

My intention for you

After our work together, I intend that you’ll gain the clarity, confidence and courage to start steering your life and business the way you want and be the YOU you were always meant to be, all while feeling deeply grateful, satisfied, peaceful and fulfilled throughout your journey.

  • You’re starting or pivoting to a new niche for your online service-based or coaching business and you want support so you can get clear on your direction, embody the identity of the solopreneur you want to be, consistently take action toward your goal and create the results you want.
  • You’re familiar with or willing to know more about Human Design and Gene Keys and how you can apply the wisdom from your chart in your business.
  • You’re willing to do the change work tools and practices during each session and follow through with any action plans co-created with you.
  • You want to build a physical product based business and you want to have a strategic plan with steps on the technical aspects of starting a brick and mortart business. Or you’re looking for hacks and strategies that guarantee $10K in 10 days.
  • You think Human Design and Gene Keys are a cult, you think spiritual work is a scam or you don’t believe in / have no interest whatsoever in learning these tools.
  • You label and dislike tools like imagination exercises, visualization, EFT as ” woo woo” and you’re sure they won’t work for you.

Hello, friend. I'm Jayme.

I designed this experience for humans like you who care about doing the work that truly reflects you and what you value.

This is the strategic and energetic support I wished I had more than 10 years ago when I quit my “successful” job in TV so I can do work that I loved and make a positive impact on the people around me.

I spent 9 years helping coaches, healers and creatives establish their business online as a brand and web designer.

Truth: I longed to jump to the other side and be a coach, too because deep in my soul, I knew it was what I was meant to do.


The "Business Alchemy" process helped me to quit the overthinking, self-doubt and overwhelm so I can finally embrace my gifts and pivot to the work I was born and designed to do.

After the pandemic, a heartbreaking loss and an unexpected third round of postpartum depression, I finally allowed myself to do this work that has always been my soul’s calling.

It took me more than a decade to embrace this work but you don’t have to. Because you’re going to get my 10+ years worth of lessons and tools that will allow you to create change and achieve your goal faster than I ever did.

Will you have a thriving, profitable, fully booked business by the end of 8 weeks? No, this experience does not come with any guarantees.

But when you show up, do the work and take charge of your results, by the end of 8 weeks, you’ll start embodying the identity of the person who knows they have what it takes to make that vision their reality.

The value of this experience? Priceless.

The possibilities? Endless.


Yes. And honestly this was the kind of guidance I wish I had when I was starting an online business to save me from all those years when I struggled with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-doubt and confusion.

To be clear, this coaching experience does not cover the technical administrative parts of setting up a business.

We’re focusing on helping you get clear on the kind of career you love to create, busting through any blocks that get in the way and empowering you to take action so you can finally gain the clarity, confidence and courage to start pivoting and making this happen.

I think people will have a love/hate relationship with these systems. And that’s okay. If you know that you’re going to hate it, it’s too complicated or you’re not willing to take the time to learn and be open to it, that’s okay. This coaching experience is not for you.

But if you’re familiar with Human Design at least, and you’re open and willing to learn, you just need someone to help guide you so you know what to focus on first and how to apply it in practical terms for your business, then this coaching is great for you.

As for Integrative Change Work, you don’t need to know anything or to have previous experience with these tools to benefit from them.

The key thing is your willingness to do them and the discipline to follow through so you can actually keep using them in between sessions and even way after we’ve finished our work together.

That way, the changes get locked in and you can continue the momentum you created during your coaching experience.

Every session will be conducted virtually via my meeting platform, Butter. 

Important: To ensure your session runs smoothly, make sure to use a desktop or laptop with the Chrome browser, without adblockers, firewalls and VPNs. 

Voxer is a free app that functions like a walkie-talkie. You can send me voice messages to check in with your progress or ask questions so you get the support you need in between your weekly sessions.

Truth: I cannot guarantee that you will have a successful, thriving and fully booked business by the end of eight weeks. Nor will I guarantee specific income results. (I know you know that, and still I say it for total transparency).

At the very least, this will be an affirming experience to know yourself at a deeper level and an interesting experiment to see just how powerful your unconscious mind is.

At most, this can be a magical, life-altering, mindblowing, soul-liberating transformation that leaves you feeling empowered to create and manifest whatever you want, not just in your business but in your whole life as well.

If you’re thinking of getting into debt to get this coaching while hoping you’ll make the money back before our time is over, please bookmark this page and come back at a later time when you do have the resources to invest in this experience in a calm, relaxed and clear state.

The tools I’ll teach you work fast to relieve any unwanted emotion, but being in a constant state of debilitating stress, worry and fear of survival will only delay your results (trust me, I know).

In the meantime, you can subscribe to receive my love letters or follow my content on Tiktok and Instagram where I teach these tools and coach for free weekly.

Feel free to DM me on IG @jaymegatbonton if you have other questions .


Business Alchemy


6 WEEKLY SESSIONS OF POTENT GUIDANCE (3x sessions per month) that sheds light on how you are uniquely designed to achieve goals and use your natural genius to design your business + POWERFUL PRACTICES that help you create the change you need so you can start taking action.


MESSAGING SUPPORT via Voxer Office Hours so you can check in about your progress or get answers to your questions in between sessions.


A PRIVATE CLIENT PORTAL to access any additional resources and your session recordings so you can review them at your own time.


Business Alchemy

The investment for this 8-week experience is US$1400 for pay in full or two payments of $700 with the second installment automatically paid after four weeks. When you’re ready, kindly fill up the application below.