I see you...

You’re a loving mother, a heart-centered woman, a beautiful human being and an amazing soul.

You’re here because you want to manifest a life that you truly, deeply love. And help others do the same.

You’re ready to stop working hard and start allowing your desires to manifest with ease and flow.

I’m so happy you’ve found this space because, now that we’ve met, we can make magic together.

Here's what I know to be true...

The desires placed in your heart are meant for you.

Whatever you desire, you already are within.

Life is less about doing and more about being.

What would be possible for you if you believed you can manifest a life beyond your imagination?

Envision what would happen when you know + feel that you are…


If you felt safe and worthy of expressing who you truly are…

How will you show up in the world? Who do you want to be?


If you owned your magic, embraced your wisdom and reclaimed your power to co-create your life…

What would you do?


If you remembered that you are complete and there’s nothing you need to get, prove or fix…

What would you desire to have?


Hello, I'm Jayme

I’m a mama of three, writer, teacher, chocolate lover, recovering perfectionist who used to live life pretty much on autopilot.

I went along with whatever life threw at me. And it felt like I played the supporting role or, a lot of times, the victim in my own life’s movie

That is until two consecutive pregnancies and a painful battle with postpartum depression brought me down on my knees and woke me up.

On that day, more than a decade ago, I was kneeling, tears streaming, forehead down on the cold wooden floor.

I remembered something I’ve always known in my core:

I can decide to be the heroine in my own journey and I can re-write the script of my life’s story.

Here's how the plot line is going so far...

  • I quit my “dream job” and gave up working hard to create a work of heart: build + design websites for spiritual coaches to help them show up online and grow their business with ease and confidence.
  • I transformed my money mindset, got out of debt and allowed myself to receive more than I ever did before.
  • I lost 40 pounds of excess weight I carried for 9 years and became stronger than I’ve ever been.
  • I healed my marriage and my family and feel grateful every day for togetherness, joy and love.

Truth: The journey isn’t easy

And sometimes I segue into old ways of thinking and doing.

In 2019, I got pregnant with our third surprise baby girl and gave birth just a few months before a world-wide pandemic.

The stress of new motherhood, postpartum recovery and threat to our family’s safety led me to spiral down to depression.

But what brought me back is the practice of tuning in to my purpose and identity:

Why am I here and who am I being?

My soul purpose: To help you remember and manifest yours.

I’m no guru and I’m not here to tell you what to do. I don’t hold any secret keys and I haven’t cracked the code of anything.

I believe you’re magnificent just as you are and you already have what you need – the beauty, wisdom, power and freedom – to manifest love, health, success and happiness.

I created this space to simply hold up a mirror for your own magic and to help you see how awe-inspiring life can be when you listen to your soul’s guiding voice, live with intention and consciously co-create your reality.

When you’re craving for support and inspiration, I’m here to help guide you along your journey,

Ready to take the first step?